Giordano Rapido Video review

Reading riding experience and looking at pictures really doesn’t make the same impression as seeing the product in reality or watching the video of it. Because most of us are very busy and don’t have enough time for to local bike shop, here is the Giordano┬áRapido video review.

Giordano Rapido ride

Giordano Rapido bike review

Giordano Rapido bike is great option for the first bike. Being simple and single speed don’t really mean that bicycle is not designed for great speed. This model is especially recommended for people with eager to compete or just have joyful ride to office. Fixed gear bicycles are well valued for great durability, low cost and best adaptation to city roads.

This single speed bike has well constructed aluminum frame with great drop bars to ensure rough terrain impacts. These little things make bike more impressive how it looks like and how powerful it is. Lightweight aluminium frame adds big bonus to bike and increases the speed significantly.

With the flip-flop hub, which is located on the rear hub it is easy to change from single speed to freewheel mode. As you already understand, fixed gear bicycle doesn’t have gear system. From one side that reduce the total weight and price, but it another hand it restricts bike possibilities. With fixie is going to be hard to go uphill. But in the busy city you won’t have to worry what gear should you use.

Giordano Rapido is assigned to road bikes category, Bicycle has wider than usual 700c x 32 tires, which reduce shocks caused by the potholes. Well designed steel forks also add more stability for the ride. In fact, the ride itself is really funny. The bike is simple, but that made it durable. Reaching top speed is pretty easy with that gear ratio.

Giordano Rapido bike image

Everything with this bike is simple and easy. You will be sure about that since the very beginning. When it arrives home, you are going to need a small assembly work. Don’t be afraid, there is no need to be a genies to put some parts on. That takes about 20-30 minutes and you are ready for the first ride. From my own experience I could say that one thing wasn’t so great with this bike.

It is strange for my when fixed gear bike comes with mounted brakes bar. But okay, let’s say that is important for some. But if the manufacturer decided to add such component, then he should be sure that it will work perfectly. At this point brakes didn’t. I’m not saying that they didn’t work at all, but I am used to stop immediately. At this example it takes some extra feet for that.

That was the only bad things about Giordano Rapido, which I’ve noticed. Everything else seems to be in good condition and worth every penny. In overall, bike is in great shape and going to meet every entry-level user requirements.